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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a mild obsession with fake lashes. It all started right after my daughter was born and I was gifted lash extensions. Nothing made this postpartum mama feel more beautiful!

Lashes have some power!

Once the extensions grew out, I began exploring other types of lash enhancers that are out there. Well, I grew to realize that lashes are a huge market and there are TONS of products out there! I have tried lash extensions, lash lift and tint, glue falsies, magnetic lashes (clamping style), and magnetic eyeliner! I often get DMs in my Instagram with ladies who want to know which one I liked the best or what I recommend, so I decided to create a blog post about it!

Let me preface this by saying I am in no way a Makeup Artist or a Professional Lash Expert by any means. Pretty far from it actually. I’m just a gal that grabbed hold of an obsession and tried a bunch of things!

Here are a few items that I have tried and can share my experience about! I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned below.

Glue Falsies

It is hard to go wrong with the OG of lash enhancements. Glue Falsies have been around for a LONG time. Over a hundred years actually. If you have ever tried glue false eyelashes then you probably know that it is EXTREMELY frustrating to put on by yourself. You have to squirt this liquid glue on this tiny band, let it dry just a tad (NOT TOO MUCH), and then place it on your eyelid JUST RIGHT or you have to do it all over again. Then when it is finally on your eye, the chances of the inner parts of the lash to pop up is probably close to 100%. I was bent on finding a better way!

False Lashes

As you can imagine, Facebook Ads has an absolute bash flooding my newsfeed with lash ads. Well, one got me. I got sucked into purchasing The Flick & Stick from Lola’s Cosmetics that advertised that they could solve the glue situation for me. All I had to do was take the glue pen, line it on my lash lid as I would eyeliner….then stick my falsies to it. Well guess what?

It totally works!

IT IS AMAZING! I put a little extra glue on my lid where the ends of the lash will be to keep it down, and so far it works wonders!

I love the versatility of this method because you can control how thick you want your eyeliner (if any) and you can choose your style of lashes from thousands of choices! I usually grab my falsies from Target or Sephora!

Pros: Versatile

Cons: Ends could pop up

Magnetic Lashes (Clamping Method)

False Lashes for photoshoot

These were my first magnetic eyelashes. These magnetic lashes work by sandwiching your natural lashes between two very small magnets. I got very good at applying these! I am wearing the Full Flutter Magnetic Lashes from One Two Lash in the photo with my family. This method completely eliminates the edges of your lashes ever popping up! You have to be very patient with yourself when learning how to apply these. It takes a lot of wiggling and retrying. I also felt that if I wore these lashes for longer than a couple of hours, my eyelids would definitely be irritated. So for a short photoshoot I could wear these no problem.

Pros: The ends do not pop up

Cons: Takes A LOT of practice

Magnetic Lashes (Magnetic Eyeliner Method)

False Lashes for photoshoot

These are a more recent muse. I loved the idea of magnetic lashes, but I couldn’t fall in love with the clamping method, so I decided to try the eyeliner! I actually love this! It is more of a dramatic look than the others because you have to have a rather thick line of eyeliner to ensure the magnets stick well, but sometimes the occasion calls for that! I was wearing these types of magnetic lashes in my latest Branding Photoshoot (example on the rock beach). I have experimented with several different types (including MoxieLash which is rather expensive), and the ones I am wearing in the photo are my favorite, and super affordable! I bought them off of Amazon and then cut them a bit to make them look how I wanted them to.

Pros: Easy to apply

Cons: Must have a thick line of eyeliner

I hope that this was helpful! False lashes are a super simple trick to make your eyes POP in your photos! I highly recommend them! For more humor and hacks head over to the tips and tricks side of my blog!

Items Mentioned in Post:

Flick & Stick - glue pen

One Two Lash - magnetic clamping lashes

MoxieLash - magnetic liner and lashes

Arishine Lashes - Amazon magnetic liner and lashes

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