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Wagon Hill Farm Engagement | Durham, NH | NH Wedding Photographer

NH Wedding Photographer | Light and Airy NH Photographer

NH Wedding Photographer

This past week the weather finally made the turn from chilly to warm! The sun has been shining daily and leaves are budding on all of the trees. Throughout the week random rain has broken out, so random that the weather app on my phone doesn't even know that it is happening. This particular Sunday was no exception. The sun was shining all day and the temps were perfect in the mid 70s when all of a sudden dark clouds appeared and it started sprinkling. We were determined and hopeful, so we went ahead with our original session plans. We are SO glad that we did because the rain stopped and the sun poked out for an absolutely beautiful sunset!

Caitlin and Sean started dating sophomore year of high school and have been together 10 years! They met during chemistry class, they were actually lab partners. I asked them if they started their relationship out as friends or not and Sean responded with "lab partners are more than friends!" Haha! The first time Sean came over to Caitlin's house his mom had to drop him off, that is how long ago it was! They were high school sweethearts and both graduated together from St. Thomas and then Sean went to UVT and Caitlin went to UConn. They had a long distance relationship for 4 long years. Once they graduated they moved back locally and in 2018 they made Portsmouth their home.

In December of 2020 Caitlin randomly brought up the fact that she had never had eggnog before. Sean was baffled and told her that he loved eggnog and that she needed to go get some to try. She left to get some eggnog and Sean decided that this was the perfect time to ask her to marry him! He already had the ring and was waiting for when the time felt right. She came back from the store and he got down on one knee and he asked her to marry him. She said yes! Then they drank eggnog.

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Congratulations Caitlin and Sean! I can't wait to be with you on your wedding day and celebrate with you!
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