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Should You Have an Unplugged Ceremony? | NH Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

It’s no secret. Most people are attached to their phones. We never leave home without them and they are constantly within our reach. Although phones have many benefits we need to be aware of some of the disadvantages. One big disservice our phones bring to the table is that they can hinder our ability to be present in the moment. We want to capture everything! Sometimes it is amazing to have a video recorder in our pocket. We can snap a real quick video of something we will always want to remember, like some of your baby’s first steps or the sound of the ocean on a clear summer day. But have you ever taken a video of something that you never watched again? Like maybe the fireworks on the fourth of July? Some events are better witnessed fully present, not through a screen. I believe that a wedding ceremony is one of those events.

unplugged ceremony

I think it is so important for your guests to be in the moment, really savoring the importance of your wedding ceremony. Assure your guests that you have hired professionals to capture your day and that they can trust that the ceremony will be beautifully captured. Then of course make sure you hire professionals! (More on that here). Your guests can feel at peace knowing that you will have a video of this forever, and they will no longer feel personally responsible to do it for you. They can take in the moment in a peaceful slow paced way, soaking in every second.

Not only is it a good idea for your guest’s peace of mind to have an Unplugged Ceremony, but it is imperative for your photographers and videographers too. I’ve heard horror stories of a family member blocking important moments like kissing or giving away. Although that exact circumstance hasn’t happened to any of our brides, we have had to change our angle or move to a different spot to keep phones out of our client’s images. When you have a ceremony image with your guests viewing your vows through their phone, it really takes away from the overall feel of the photo. You can’t achieve joyful and whimsical with a cell phone in the background. Having an unplugged ceremony will ensure that there is no risk of any of your guests blocking or hindering your professional memory capturers!

I believe that guests who view the wedding ceremony through their phone have the best intentions. I truly think they are just trying to make that precious moment last forever. Give your guests peace of mind and the allow them to just be present.


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