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Best Portsmouth NH Wedding Venues

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Unique, historic, beautiful; these are just a few words to describe Portsmouth NH Wedding Venues. I have lived near the 13 miles of beautiful seacoast that NH has to offer for the last nine years and I have grown in love with the beauty that it offers. I personally love living close to the ocean not only because of the beauty of the sea, but because of the rich history that the seacoast has to offer. The NH seacoast was first settled in 1623 by Europeans right on the coastline where Odiorne Point State Park is today. Although NH has the shortest seacoast of all the oceanside states, the 13 miles of ocean is packed with breathtaking views! When you’re looking for a Portsmouth NH Wedding venue, there are many things to consider. First I would suggest you expand your scope to the 13 miles of Seacoast, even those venues just outside of Portsmouth, NH. As mentioned above the very first settlers landed in Odiorne which is in the town of Rye, another beautiful and historically rich NH town! Listed below are my top 4 Wedding Venues near Portsmouth NH.

1. Strawbery Banke/Prescott Park

This is the quintessential Portsmouth NH venue! Strawberry Banke is a historic museum pristinely preserved. There are gorgeous colonial buildings as well as lush gardens to take in. Across the street from Strawbery Banke is Prescott Park which has its own beautifully maintained gardens, trees, and fountains! Not to mention Prescott Park is right on the water with several piers to look out towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Portsmouth NH Wedding Venues

2. Wentworth By the Sea

NH Wedding Venues

Located just outside of Portsmouth NH is Wentworth By The Sea in New Castle, NH. This venue actually has two options within the venue to choose from. There is Wentworth By The Sea Hotel and Spa as well as Wentworth By The Sea Country Club. Although these two locations are right down the road from each other, they offer completely different backdrops to your wedding day. The Hotel and Spa is a beautiful historic hotel where as the Country Club is located on a gorgeous golf course, both right on the water.

3. Langdon House Gardens / Moffatt Lad House

The Langdon House Gardens are exactly what you would expect, beautiful and charming. This venue is located straight in the heart of Portsmouth NH with classic New England architecture. This beautiful estate is rich in history dating back to right after the Revolutionary War and the house is in pristine condition! The Moffatt Lad House is very similar. It is a National Historic Landmark that was built in 1760. It also has beautiful gardens and stunning views, right in the heart of the city.

4. Seacoast Science Center

This NH venue is located in Odiorne State Park in Rye, NH which is known for it’s beautiful rocky coastline. As you may remember this is also where the very first European settlers landed in New Hampshire in 1623. Here your wedding will have the beautiful ocean roaring in the background, simple and timeless. Perfect for a quintessential New England wedding.

Portsmouth NH Wedding Venues

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