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Plum Island Engagement | Plum Island, MA | Associate Team | Emily + Zack

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NH Wedding Photographer

The best love stories begin with friendship so they say. It is a tale as old as time. Emily + Zack met in college, but were just friends in the beginning. They had the same friend group for a long time, so they knew who each other were long before the butterflies began. When it became clear that there was an extra spark between them, they decided to go for it and began dating. Since they already hung out as friends they don't consider any specific moment as a "first" date.

Both Emily + Zack have connections to the water, and are use to being around the boating community outside of and around the Boston area, specifically up by Gloucester. Emily's family owns a whale watching company, while Zack's family has a boat that is often in the same area as Emily's family's business. Zack proposed on their boat with family and friends while they were whale watching, and both families boats in the water. Honking of the boats, and cheers from friends and family could be heard from afar and it was definitely a moment to remember.

This made complete sense when they chose to meet up at Plum Island for some engagement pictures on this warm October evening. Zack even pointed out to sea where he often is with his family out in the ocean nearby. We also had a special guest along with us, miss Ellie, Emily and Zack's 4 year old boxer. She was absolutely adorable, such a sweetheart, and even showed up adorned in a special leash and bandana for the occasion. Ellie even made sure to look right into the camera for me multiple times.

I can't wait until next October, these two are going to be a gorgeous bride and groom.


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Congratulations Emily & Zack! We are so excited to be with you two on your wedding day!
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