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Our Story: Part 5

Updated: Aug 8

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Let's make it official.


When people ask me "how did you meet your husband?" I find myself giving the quick answer. I hardly ever go into detail because it just takes too long to explain. It is a really good story, so this series takes you from how we met all the way to our wedding day!

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It was another night out and we were at Toucans in Mexico Beach, Florida. It felt like him and I (and our friends) were the only ones at this bar. Music was playing and we were sitting outside on a rock wall with a string of lights overhead. I had a surge of boldness go through me as I walked up to him and asked him "so ...are we exclusive?" Sort of a weird thing for me to say out loud. We had been together almost every day since we met 6 weeks before this, but....neither of us had mentioned anything about dating. "Uhh, do you want to be?" he replied. "Definitely". That's it. We were officially official.

My move to Florida was supposed to be temporary, I was supposed to only live there for the summer and move on to bigger and better things. I was supposed to find a job somewhere and leave. All of that changed on this night. I wasn't gong to leave. Not without him.

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