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Our Story: Part 4

Updated: Aug 8

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Hook, Line, and Sinker.


When people ask me "how did you meet your husband?" I find myself giving the quick answer. I hardly ever go into detail because it just takes too long to explain. It is a really good story, so this series takes you from how we met all the way to our wedding day!

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I clicked send. After searching through friends of friends of friends of my older sister trying to find a Ben that looked like that guy I sat across from at the diner the week before, feeling like a FBI agent, I finally found him. I sent a short message "my sister and I want to know what you're doing this weekend". If I was going to live in Florida for the summer, I needed some friends. Three days passed by before he replied. Finally! We kept it short and he sent me his phone number. That night I mustered up the courage to call him, I was just looking for a friend, what's the harm? He didn't answer. Later that day I saw that I had a missed call from him, we were playing phone tag! I called back.


Ben was bummed as he told his best friend that he met a girl the other night and never got her number. He decided that he would try and find her online. As he logged in he noticed that he had an unread message. It was from that girl! He gave her his number and she gave him hers. After playing phone tag a few times, she called back and he answered.



"Hi Ben, its Amanda"

"I know"

"What are you doing tonight?"

"Hanging out with you!"

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Our first photo together. Haha!

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