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Updated: Jan 10

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Odiorne State Park Engagement

October engagement sessions in New England are one of my favorites, and for good reason! The air is cool and crisp and the leaves are changing beautiful colors of red, orange, and yellow.

Emily and Matt met at church when they were kids but they weren't interested in dating each other until much later. They both happened to go on a mission trip to Louisiana, and that is where sparks started to fly! After returning from the trip they went to lunch a few times, but nothing official. One day Emily asked Matt if he might be interested in going out for ice cream. Panicked at the thought that she might be asking him on a date, that evening Matt called Emily and officially asked her on a date, to get ice cream. Ha!

Matt, with the help of some of Emily's friends, planned an amazing surprise proposal in Marblehead, MA. Emily thought that Matt had left the group to go get some food, so she was not expecting it when Matt jumped out from behind a rock! Immediately she knew what was happening and she tried to run away because she was so nervous! Thankfully her friend pushed her towards Matt. He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!

Emily and Matt are two of the sweetest, most thoughtful people. Within minutes of being around them you can not only tell that they love each other, but that they are best friends. Getting them to laugh when they are around each other is a simple task!

Odiorne State Park Engagement
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Congratulations Emily and Matt! I'm so excited we get to share in the joy of your wedding day with you!

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