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I do all of my workouts from home early in the morning these days. (For more on my morning routine, click here). Thankfully somebody told me about BeachBody On Demand a few years ago. I had definitely heard of BeachBody before, I did P90X in college! I didn’t know that they had created something sort of like a streaming service with all of their workouts! I knew I wasn’t going to go to a gym anytime soon, so I signed up and never looked back. There are so many workout programs to choose from, low impact to high impact, that I never get bored. You can skip around, you can do whatever whenever! Below are my top 3 favorite workout programs on BeachBody Online and why I love them!

1. PiYo

favorite beachbody workouts

This was exactly what I needed right after I had my daughter. This workout is a great mix of Pilates and Yoga and is mostly very low impact. Right after you have a kid you feel like you got hit by a massive train and then you aren’t allowed to sleep for several months. It is exhausting to say the least. This low impact workout program had me reacquainting myself with my new and healing body while creating strength and increasing my flexibility.

2. T25

Main reason I loved this workout program is because it was only 25 minutes long. I’m busy, tired, and I find it hard to stay motivated after 20 minutes of exercise...can you relate? This workout program gets you moving and sweating fast. It is a great cardio workout while developing strength.

3. Morning Meltdown 100

Okay, I saved the best for last. I have done this workout program THREE times now. This series or workouts is different from the previous 2 because you don’t just do the same set of workout videos over and over again, this trainer does all 100 workouts with you. 100 videos. These workouts range from high impact to low impact, cardio, yoga, strength training, and more. Plus there is a live DJ mixing music the whole time. It’s a good time to say the least. I always feel so empowered and strong after every workout. It is a must try!

Well there you have it. My top 3 favorite BeachBody Workouts! I hope this was helpful in getting your motivated to try something new!

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