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I’ve been drinking coffee since high school. And no, that is not why I’m so short! (LOL)

My parents drank lots of coffee and I remember as a kid I would ask for sips. I wanted to drink it so bad! Sometimes my mom would make me a “coffee” (mostly milk and sugar) and I remember feeling SO cool. Anyways, back to high school, I am a bit of an overachiever so if you are trying to picture what I was like in high school, let me help you paint a picture. I recall a season when I would wake up and head to school for homework help an hour BEFORE school started, school all day, after school softball conditioning, then straight to my job, then home to sleep...and somehow also had a teeny tiny social life and was a member of several clubs. Good grief, as a 30 something year old... I’m exhausted just reading that. Okay, so you can kind of see how my relationship with coffee started. Fast forward through being a broke college student, a middle school math teacher, having babies, being a young mom teaching night classes, fostering, building and growing a business while being a SAHM.... You get it, right? You can see why I love coffee.

favorite coffee

This brings me to the point that I am a bit of a coffee snob these days. I like flavored coffee but it has to be flavored AT THE BEAN or I’m not interested. I don’t do flavor shots or syrups (because I avoid here for more on that). As you can imagine, finding a coffee that I really like is not an easy feat. Especially cold brew! That brings me to my number one favorite coffee...that I make myself, at home.


If you follow me over on the ‘gram, then you know how much of a brand evangelist I am for the TODDY. My brother in law bought my husband and I one probably 5 years ago and it is by far the most used appliance (? whatever category you’d put this thing in) in our house. What I love most about the TODDY is I get to choose what coffee to use. I am a huge fan of New England Coffee because they have lots of flavors roasted into their beans, and it’s affordable. (In New England it is, my Florida relatives have told me that it is not as affordable for them...sorry). The TODDY is also concentrated, so an entire TODDY pitcher lasts my husband and I all week. It saves us lots of money and tastes WAY better than anything we would go pay for near us anyways. (IMO)

2. Pour Over

By now you know what my favorite grocery store coffee is, so it is no surprise that I also use that for my hot coffee! I started using a pour over when I was dead CONVINCED that my old coffee maker was filled with mold and mildew. The water always just sat in the water tank and I was having a terrible bout of allergies that lasted for months. That is when I suddenly become a professional Allergist and self diagnosed. It must be the coffee machine! I took the thing apart and much to my dismay, it did have some unmentionable stuff going on in there. That led me down the pour over path. I bought an electric kettle and an off brand pour over coffee maker and I have never looked back. It is fresh, delicious, and you know exactly what you’re drinking. No sneaky fungus allowed.

3. The Coffee Shack

Sometimes you get lucky and land on a coffee shop that sells the coffee of your dreams. This is the case for The Coffee Station in Newmarket, NH. It is a tiny little drive through that always has cars lined up to the street. They sell all kinds of coffee that is flavored at the bean! I highly recommend if you are ever in the area to give their coffee a try. My all time favorite is the Swiss Mocha Almond iced coffee! You won't be disappointed.

Hopefully I gave you a lot to think about and maybe some new things to try!

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