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Mommy & Me Mini Sessions | 2021

The days are long but the years are short.

This was the first time we ever offered something like this. Amanda Rai Photography partnered up with Amour 24 Salon to offer a unique luxury experience! These mini sessions included a mini makeover beforehand! We wanted to pamper these Mamas! Whether they wanted to show their own moms how much they love and appreciate them or if they were Mamas themselves and wanted to freeze time with their littles! It is no surprise that I love photographing couples, but I absolutely adore photographing Mamas and their babies too.

I am so passionate about capturing moments with moms and their babies, they don't get in front of the camera enough. Getting Moms in front of the camera WITH their babies is so important to me. Too many times us moms are taking the photo but rarely are we IN the photo. These moments are fleeting and these kids grow way too fast. When my kids are older and leave the house, I know trying to remember what life was like back when they were little will be difficult. That is why I want lots and lots of photos of me and my kids. The good, the precious, the silly, the hard...all of it. I want to be able to look back on photos and remember. I want that for my clients too.

Just take a peak at a few of these precious moments! This has definitely kicked off an Annual event, for sure!

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