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Downtown Portsmouth Engagement Session | Portsmouth, NH | Associate Team | Jordyn + David

NH Wedding Photographer

What a joy it was to photograph and celebrate this newly engaged couple! I met Jordyn and David for the first time, in the middle of Strawberry Banke, in downtown Portsmouth. They were both smiling as they walked up to me and I noticed how great they looked! They had on coordinating fall outfits and I knew that the pictures were going to be stunning, especially with the foliage and fallen leaves.

Jordyn and David had met through Hinge, a few months before COVID had entered the world. They went on one date, and did not go on a second date until later. At that point, COVID was in full swing and everyone was in quarantine. They made the decision that they would only see each other during that time and while quarantining was hard for many, it ended up being an important, sweet time where they continued to grow in their relationship.

David proposed to Jordyn in May of this year in Bar Harbor, at Acadia National Park. Jordyn was so surprised! It is not uncommon for them to travel to new places and explore. They simply just love being in each other’s company. You can tell how relaxed they are with one another as they were laughing and smiling during the photoshoot. Also, they bring such a warm and personable energy with them. I found myself feeling comfortable and talking with them the entire time. I was talking so much that I almost invited myself to tacos with them afterwards ;)

On September 30th, 2023, Jordyn and David will be getting married in Portsmouth at The Envio. They shared that they both are extremely close with their families and that having a dance party during the reception is the ultimate goal. I cannot wait for this day to come….it is going to be everything and more!


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